CAUCASLOGISTICS provides full range of rail transport. We organize transportation of various cargo types (over dimensional, heavy lifts, bulk, containers, etc.), as locally as internationally. Years of expertise and experience enables us to elaborate any kind of enquiries/packing lists and secure the most optimal loading plans. We are working directly with Georgian Railway, port of Poti, and have reliable partners in other Central Asian countries, which create strong network and secure excellent execution of transportation in timely, safety and efficiency manner. Also should be mentioned that due to different and complicated customs procedures between Caucasus and Central Asian countries, makes railway shipment the most attractive way of transportation. Especially for heavy lifts (90 tons and above) railway is the almost only way of transportation due to poor roads and bridges condition.

Our rail freight covers:

  • Elaborating of any kind of enquiries/packing lists and securing the most optimal loading plans

  • Railway tariff calculation

  • Cargo handling

  • Designing and approving of the loading and securing schemes for outsized and heavy lift cargos through all transit counties with Railway Departments

  • Providing wagons in port or terminals for loading/unloading operation

  • Proper lashing and securing for prevention of theft

  • Issuance of railway bills

  • Customs clearance formalities

  • Cargo insurance (upon request)

  • Security Escort service

  • Tracking